11 Apr 2017

Mysterious 'Giant's Grave' at Killaspugbrone, Sligo, Ireland

General Overview of the Site with Knocknarea Mountain Behind the Trees in the Background

Clearly visible from the footpath leading to Sligo Airport is the central chamber of a neolithic Court or Horned Cairn known locally as the "Giant's Grave". The megalith first appears on maps from the late 1800s, so presumably it was still in-tact and buried up until this point in time. Containing a sizable central chamber with the entrance facing to the east and is orientated in the general direction of a large ring fort or 'rath' about 500 meters away. 

Close Up of the Central Chamber and the Orthostats which Form its Rectangular Shape

Although the cairn is very much in the shadow of the sacred mountain of Knocknarea (the mountain of the moon) with its massive megalithic structure of Queen Meabh's Cairn atop its summit, the
Killaspugbrone cairn appears to have no specific orientation towards either the mountain, or the megalith upon on top of it. This might indicate that it could well be older than the famous Knocknarea cairn.

Looking West from the Entrance to the Central Chamber

Early maps suggest there may have also been a standing stone on the west side of the cairn, but this appears to have been removed, or fallen over and is perhaps currently buried. However, I could find no trace of it. The stone (if it existed) could have been removed when the road to the airport was being constructed. However, this is just speculation. 

View from Behind the Trees East of the Cain, Yet Interestingly the Chamber does not Orientate Towards the Mountain of Knocknarea in the Distance. The Nearby Ring or 'Fairy' Fort which it Does Orientate Towards is to on the Left Side of this Photo Behind the Barn.

Killaspugbrone itself is an ancient Druidism site which became an important early Christian outpost at the mouth of Sligo harbour. Which typical of early Irish monastic or church sites, sits within a very pagan and often megalith-rich landscape.


Photo's by Thomas Sheridan taken April 9th, 2017

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