10 Jan 2018

Incredible 'Morrigan' Find at Loughcrew Megalithic Centre?

I am currently out of action with a dose of this so called "Australian flu", so please excuse the berevity of this blog post...  

In the last few hours my phone has been texting non stop from people telling me of a spectacular discovery of what some are calling a 'Bird Man' statue near the site of the famous megalithic mounds at Loughcrew. Videos taken by workers and locals show a human sized statues with the beaked head of a raven or some other bird.

According to the Meath Cronicle:

"Workmen digging near the ancient Loughcrew Megalithic Centre in Oldcastle were still in shock today after unearthing what appears to be an ancient sculpture or tomb. 

The structure which the workmates named 'Birdman' after the very distinctive nose or beak on the face was uncovered during work on a new 'fairy stop'.

"We were down at Loughcrew yesterday building a stop on the new fairy trail beside St. Oliver Plunketts church hit a rock we couldn’t move, by the time we got it and started clearing back it didn’t stop. We assumed we had some big old rock, but what we ended up with was the most mental thing I’ve ever seen in my life."

The find is currently being investigated by government officials. Let's hope it is not a hoax. Have we found a stone representation of some Pagan deity? Perhaps the Morrigan herself!  You can read the latest reports from here: >>>

Thomas Sheridan

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W.Anderson said...

Has any more information come to light about the morrigan find in loughcrew?