6 Aug 2015

Cease Dishonouring Your Ancestors

This Was Not Constructed by Fictional Characters from the Old Testament

If people in anyway attempt to link the early history and culture of these islands - with Judeo-Christianity from the Middle East - in any manner or form, they are doing a terrible injustice to our native indigenous heritage.
  • If someone claims that Egyptian Pharaohs were Irish, then this is VICTORIAN BRITISH ISRAELISM
  • If someone claims that Jesus was was in Glastonbury, then this is VICTORIAN BRITISH ISRAELISM
  • If someone claims that the Ark of the Covenant is buried under Tara, then this is VICTORIAN BRITISH ISRAELISM
  • If someone claims Joseph of Arimathea went to Cornwall, then this is VICTORIAN BRITISH ISRAELISM
  • If someone claims that the Dolmens in England and Wales were actually Christian altars or thrones used by King Arthur, and are named accordingly, then this is VICTORIAN BRITISH ISRAELISM
  • If someone claims you are descended from one of the Tribes of Israel, then this is VICTORIAN BRITISH ISRAELISM
  • If someone claims that King David's Harp on the Royal Standard of the United Kingdom is the 'real' symbol of Ireland, then this is VICTORIAN BRITISH ISRAELISM

King David 'Seeking Solutions' by Hammering Out a Few Rebel Ballads on His 'Irish' Harp Back in Judah 3,000 Years Ago, Apparently... 

This Nonsense Was Taken Very Seriously at the Highest Levels of the British Government as it Provided them with the Perfect Silver Bullet in Order to Generate Cultural Self-Loathing Among the Irish, Scots and Welsh, at the Same Time, Opening Up the Middle East for Exploitation and Endless Wars, while also Fusing a Sense of a 'Biblical Destiny' within the Consciousness of the remaining Native English who had not been Genocided by William the Conqueror. This is the Root of all the Mythology Connecting these Island to the Middle East in a Modern Cultural Sense.

There is zero proof that any of these biblical and Middle Eastern - mostly fictional - personalities ever set foot upon, or even knew about the existence of these islands. Promoting this idea - while proclaiming to be an 'alternative thinker' - is doing a great disservice to your ancestors who created the impressive pre-'Celtic' (another lie) cultures of Britain, Ireland/Scotland and Wales. All achieved by your ancient kin without any help from 'gods' arriving from the Middle East to  teach them how not to be be scavenging animals. 

When people on these islands adopt or promote this nonsense, they are actually proclaiming their own ancestors inferiority and their need to be somehow 'humanised' by a visit from some magical entity from the Middle East. It is the worst kind of self-loathing that also serves very sinister political and globalist objectives. 

Stop degrading and dishonouring your ancestors.


33_hertz said...

Thanks Thomas! Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

For some odd reason some 'gypsies' in Scotland seem to have got it into their heads that they could be the 'Kenites/Cain' or perhaps even 'Jews' and I'm fairly sure they aren't normally classed as White Anglo Saxon Protestant Israelites?



Stephen O'Brien said...

I could swear Thomas, considering your unjust tirade against "christianity" It seems to me your agenda has overtaken your integrity. Yeah the RCC deserves to burn, but that has no bearing on what Christ was teaching. I like your research but you are full of shit when it comes to discerning real christianity from its corrupted counterparts. Since you know yourself how frustrating it can be when your interest (like norse mythology for example) is unfairly represented & condemned as a result, I hope that you consider these words and maybe stop pulling the same type of crap. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

Hi thomas,

Have you encountered any engravings of the flower of life during your visits to these ancient sites in Ireland?

jonas ramsten said...

Stephen obrien the only reason Christianity crusade us was to spread the roman Empireism up on us.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem is that there is obvious anger embedded in this research. I am not saying these things did not happen, but an nonobjective approach would bring more credentials towards those that might see it as an attack onto their beliefs.

Tina Carolan said...

People need to get it into their heads that Christianity and "JESUS" was a Flavian Invention to subdue the human spirit! Stop defending this sick Death Cult !!

Much Miller said...

Thanks for this article, interesting. There would seem to be many points that concur here with what has gone on for centuries in Glastonbury UK. I refer you to an article on my blog which is possibly related although the British Israelite thing is not an area I have gone so much into it would seem to be connected. Have a look if you are interested. Cheers, Much Miller.

Much Miller said...

As an add on, though, I would say that It is good to try and understand and investigate the real meaning and nature of the Christ... Christ is a PRINCIPAL and not a person. Unfortunately Christ's name as been used to sanction a lot of shite but that is not the fault of the Christ. The Christ is present also in what we call pagan traditions... Christ is Logos, is the life force in nature. The story of Christ symbolises the esoteric death of ego to be reborn in spirit, it is symbolic. At least that is how I receive it although such a view would probably be deemed by Christians as Gnostic and therefore heresy!!!