11 Oct 2017

Athena from the Temple of Allat in Palmyra Finally Destroyed by the 'People of Books'

The famous and enormous Statue of Athena from the Temple of Allat in Palmyra, Syria. In this photo, we see the damage done to the artwork by Christian fanatics in the fourth century, as well as attempted repairs made in recent decades.

However, in 2016, the statue was completely destroyed by ISIS. The Abrahamics finally finished off what they had started. Palmyra was once a glorious outpost of European pagan intellectualism and artistic glory prior to the assault by the Christian fanatics. A jewel in European Classic Paganism within the Middle East until the arrival of Christian fanatics in the fourth century. These zealots - believing that the statues contained demons  -  attacked the marble statues, as well as the ancient texts within its library, and destroyed all of the other artworks on  display. 

Even so, large parts of the complex remained, as the Christians had neither the intelligence nor skill to construct adequate ladders and scaffolding in order to destroy the tops of the massive structures. It would take them one thousand years before they would be able to recover the skills and technology which the pagans had use to construct Palmyra.

In May 2015, Abu Laith al-Saudi, an ISIS commander, reportedly told a Syrian radio program that the statues of Athena from the Temple of Allat would be 'pulverized', but that the main buildings would remain in-tact. In the end, the Islamic State dynamited the entire complex turning one of the most spectacular complexes of the pagan world into dust and rubble for the same Abrahamic sand god which the Christians had originally attacked Palmyra, and for the same reason.

The Baal Shamin temple in Palmyra. Photo: AFP.
The Baal Shamin temple in Palmyra. Photo: AFP.

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