30 Apr 2016

Irish Academics Ponder their Ancestors

The above image is what the academics at the National Museum of Ireland (official illustration in the 'Celtic' wing) considered an Irishman of the past to have looked like. Apparently, ancient Irish people could produce the most spectacular craftsmanship in gold, silver and stone, but were unable to produce textiles? 

The default model of how the ancient societies of Europe are, and still continue to seen, is that of mostly wild, half-naked savages entirely obsessed with dancing rituals and little else. 

Aside from issues pertaining to hypothermia, as well as needing time and labour forces to undertake large scale agricultural and megalithic projects, this 'European savage' mentality was/is a result of applying the model of the African or Pacific Island 'savages' to the ancient Europeans. 

This came about due to antiquarian's initial serious studies of the European megaliths happening around the same time that Europeans began exploring the interior of sub-Saharan Africa as well as forays into Polynesia and the South Pacific.

Nothing Has Changed...

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