21 Dec 2015

Wolf Shaped Aurora Photographed Above Lapland

Marja-Terttu Karlsson (52) captured the stunning image above in the Lapland region of Sweden using a digital camera a few nights ago. "Many have thought that it is fake, but I do not even have Photoshop so it is not. This is for real. It is so nice in nature itself so you do not have to fake it." said Karlsson who is a natural photographer of twenty five years experience. 

As simulacra of people and animals are commonly photographed in cloud formations, it is hardly surprising that with the intense Aurora activity presently - in late December 2015 - that eventually one of them would arrange itself into a recognisable shape. Interestingly, Northern Lights peak every eleven years as the sun reverses its magnetic poles. "We are on the way out of such a phase, when the sun was at its most active. But it can still continue for a few years." Stated Maria Sundin, Astrophysicist and Associate Professor at the University of Gothenburg.

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