25 Aug 2015

Academic 'Biblical' History Still Reigns

The burning of the Library at Alexandria was the greatest gift given to Western Academia, as they could, from the Middle Ages to today, harness all human history into the time frame of the bible regardless of these people claiming to be atheists.

British Isrealism and Jesuit conditioning remains the 'pillar' on which all mainstream academic study to this day is examined and quantified. Therefore, all human civilisation is 8,000 years old (at the most) and anyone who claims otherwise will be savaged by the academics regardless of the archaeology records and obvious contradictions to the orthodoxy such as the weathering of the Sphinx and so on.

Prior to the burning the Library of Alexandria, Alexander the Great commissioned Greek scholars to create a genealogy of Hindu dynasties. They determined that there were 154 dynasties had been in power for over SIX AND A HALF THOUSAND YEARS and thus determined that the Vedas were more ancient still. This took the history of Vedas back to 8-10,000 years old by today's standards.

Interested? Listen further... Numerous scholars have made the connection between the similarity of certain Irish and Welsh words with similar terms in Sanskrit. Due to the biblical interpretation of an East to West migration of culture, the assumption is made that the Irish and Welsh were a much later development of the Sanskrit. 

I propose that the reason why the terms are similar and that the ancient mythology of these islands bears an uncanny resemblance to the Vedic language usage and stories is that they are contemporary to the Vedas and similar to phosphenes, human conciousness produces linguistics form constants all over the world in unconnected cultures - as in 'ma' being present to denote 'mother' from Micronesian to Cornish.

Therefore, the mythology of these island is at least 8,000 years old and the similarity of events and archetypes contained in both the Vedas and the oral origins of Irish Cycles and Norse Eddas with people on the other side of the world experiencing the same events.

If the Romans had not burned the Library of Alexandria to the ground and a Christian mob had not murdered Hypatia, then today's academics would be lining up to do it themselves in order to keep their Out of Babylon/Middle East lie going.

The lies we have been told to keep the Bible/Middle East at the centre of Western Civilisation is the reason why you and I have to spend years trying to find out who we really are and where we came from.

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Peter van Lier said...

Check out William Comyns Beaumont, who's books have been removed from libraries and are recently made available again. In particular: Britain, Key to World History. They are made available again by the Comyns Beaumont Archive. I haven't read any of his books yet as I only recently became aware of him and his work.